Students want and deserve a high tech classroom.
Students want and deserve a high tech classroom.

Welcome to Bradley County Schools Technology Department


The Department of Technology strives to provide teachers and staff with the technology resources needed to complete work tasks and improve student learning. The use of technology permeates all aspects of personal and professional lives and is now a vital part of every day life.

The technology department works to maintain local area and wide area networks by enhancing data wiring and networking equipment. Internet filtering software is used to protect students and staff from exposure to inappropriate material.  Bradley County Schools' "Acceptable Use Policy" is a document that outlines acceptable uses of the internet and technology equipment. Employees and students are expected to abide by the policies outlined in this document.

The integration of technology into the curriculum is a priority. The goal of the technology department is to ensure teachers have adequate, functioning technology in each classroom to assist them in providing a variety of tools to enhance their curricula goals and improve their personal productivity.




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